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Timken Belts

A History of Innovation … A Tradition of Excellence


  • 1905  Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Company (DRMC) founded in Dayton, Ohio
  • 1921  DRMC develops first raw edge v-belt
  • 1926  DRMC patents cog-type raw edge v-belt
  • 1934  DRMC pioneers use of synthetic rubber technology
  • 1941  DRMC supplies vehicle tires, rubber rafts, tank tread rollers, and oxygen hose to the U.S. Army
  • 1948  DRMC announces first commercial development of "cold" synthetic rubber
  • 1957  DRC develops arched cross section V-belts for agricultural applications
  • 1960  DRMC becomes Dayco
  • 1985  Dayco introduces first neoprene FHP v-belt
  • 1986  Dayco introduces high-torque synchronous belt
  • 1988  Dayco introduces first high performance CVT belt
  • 1990  Pirelli Power Transmission acquires Durkee-Atwood
  • 1993  Dayco acquires Pirelli Power Transmission
  • 1994  Dayco introduces RPP Panther belts
  • 1995  Dayco introduces Super II classical v-belt line
  • 2001  Carlisle Companies acquires the industrial belt division of Dayco forming Carlisle Power Transmission
  • 2005  Carlisle introduces Ultimax ATV and Ultimax XS snowmobile drive belts
  • 2015  The Timken Company acquires the Carlisle belt business.

Timken offers a comprehensive line of performance products made in ISO-registered manufacturing facilities, supported by innovative product development and a team focused on customer satisfaction. The tradition continues...