1926 Cog Belt Patent Ladies with Long Cog Belt Dayton V-Belts War Effort 1940s

A History of Innovation…A Tradition of Excellence

From Dayton Rubber to Dayco to Carlisle to Timken, the name has changed but the quality products remain the same. Our unique and storied history is filled with technical achievements, dedicated associates and a commitment to satisfying customers. Behind every belt is a team that takes pride in all that we do. Our associates and our products keep industry in motion and make the world more productive.

  • 1899  Timken Roller Bearing Company incorporates
  • 1905  Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Company (DRMC) founded in Dayton, Ohio
  • 1921  DRMC develops first raw edge v-belt
  • 1926  Patents cog-type raw edge v-belt
  • 1934  Pioneers use of synthetic rubber technology
  • 1941  In support of war effort, product line expands to include tank tread rollers and rubber rafts
  • 1957  Develops arched cross section v-belts for agricultural applications
  • 1960  DRMC becomes Dayco
  • 1967  New technical center opens in Springfield, Missouri
  • 1985  Introduces first neoprene FHP v-belt
  • 1986  New belt manufacturing plant opens in Fort Scott, Kansas
  • 1988  Introduces first high performance CVT belt
  • 1994  Introduces RPP Panther belts
  • 1995  Introduces Super II classical V-belt line
  • 2001  Carlisle Companies acquires the industrial belt division of Dayco
  • 2003  Introduces Tension-Finder, the tensioning device wins Product of the Year
  • 2005  Introduces Ultimax ATV drive belts and Ultimax XS snowmobile belts
  • 2014  Introduces EPDM Power-Wedge Cog-Belts
  • 2015  The Timken Company acquires the Carlisle belt business
  • 2015  Introduces Aramax Xtra Duty Belts for outdoor power equipment
  • 2015  One billionth belt sold
  • 2015  Introduces PantherXT, a powerful alternative to chain and polyurethane belts
  • 2017  Launches Drive Engineer app to assist in the design and maintenance of belt drives
  • 2017  Recognized as one of the world's most ethical companies

Timken Belts offers a comprehensive line of performance products made in ISO-registered manufacturing facilities, supported by innovative product development and a team focused on customer satisfaction. The tradition continues...