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PantherXT was introduced as a powerful alternative to chain and a drop-in replacement for polyurethane belts.

PantherXT is formulated for enhanced performance and strength, featuring:

  • High modulus carbon fiber cord with high tensile strength for increased durability and reduced stretch
  • Engineered low friction fiber tooth fabric is abrasion resistant for extended belt life
  • HSN rubber compound combines high elasticity and hardness for improved performance
  • Oil and heat resistant (up to 120°C / 248°F)



Aramax® Xtra Duty Belts

Aramax v-belts, designed for outdoor power equipment, feature a brown smooth clutching cover and strong aramid cord. The high performance construction is designed for aggressive applications with heavy shock loads. Aramax delivers more horsepower, less stretch and longer service life. It has a smooth clutching cover for shock loaded, backside-idler driven equipment. The superior clutching fabric has an increased thread count and is resistant to rollover. The Aramid tensile cords reduce stretch and provide Increased strength and durability.





EPDM Gold Ribbon Cog Belt

Working directly with original equipment and aftermarket customers, and listening to consumers, new products are introduced to the marketplace. Recently, we introduced new EPDM Power-Wedge and Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts along with new developments in synchronous and agricultural belts.




The New Gold Standard


The industry’s best belt just got better! Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts are now made of EPDM. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties. EPDM is durable, heat resistant, static conductive and resistant to hardening and glazing. EPDM Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts are specially designed for increased performance with a much broader operating temperature range (-50oF to +250oF). Gold Ribbon is smoother running so vibration is reduced for extended component life. The new cog profile reduces bending stress for improved flexibility and increased performance on small diameter pulleys.







Performance Enhanced Rotor Belt

At harvest time, the Ag industry requires reliable equipment to drive farm production efficiency and remain competitive. The industry solution has been to produce equipment that operates faster than ever before to increase crop production, presenting an ever-increasing challenge for conventional power transmission belts. The rotor belt is a critical component of any combine. A new higher temperature, higher capacity rotor belt was developed to keep pace with technical performance advances. By rethinking rotor belts with new manufacturing processes, materials and design, R&D developed belts which guarantee aggressive power transmission yet resist fatigue, cracking and heat build-up for improved performance. The improved Timken belt is the result of extensive lab testing and more importantly, hands-on field testing with farmers and implement manufacturers.