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Our product development philosophy requires partnering between technical R&D, manufacturing and the customers that drive our product performance requirements. Through this process engineering, solutions are achieved that deliver quality, purpose-designed products.


R&D Teams utilize a robust technology toolbox:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Innovative Process Technology
  • Engineered Rubber Compounds Utilizing Synthetic Polymers
  • Textile Component Development (Fabrics, Fibers and Tensile Elements)
  • Application Specific Testing
  • DFLS (Design for Lean Sigma)





DFLS (Design for Lean Sigma) is an integral development tool for continuous improvement, improved market focus and competitive performance positioning. Our product portfolio review process requires analysis of customer requirements and product performance benchmarking with other leading belt industry products used in similar environments, duty cycles and applications.


Utilizing FEA (Finite Element Analysis Mathematical Design Modeling) and Rapid Prototyping, development time is reduced though virtual iterations. By using FEA for virtual part validation prior to building tooling and production systems, engineers are able to identify and predict product structural performance.


Ongoing R&D Technology Projects


  • Belt Cord and Fabric Technology
  • New Expanded Temperature Range and Power Transfer Polymers
  • New Manufacturing Methodologies for Quality Improvements


Timken participates as a valuable partner in the success of our original equipment and aftermarket customers around the world. From chemical lab analyses to application development labs, to site field testing. Our over 100 year old commitment to engineering excellence continues, building market leadership, creating competitive advantage and adding value for customers, associates and shareholders.