Heavy Duty Industrial V-Belts

The Right Belt for the Job®

You can depend on Carlisle belts by Timken for a wide range of applications. We’ve got you covered with the right belt for most any job. Carlisle belts are purpose-built and designed for optimal performance on the most demanding applications. They resist stretch, heat, oil, chemicals, ozone, and are static dissipating.

  • Aramax® Xtra Duty V-Belt

    Aramax® Xtra Duty V-Belt

  • Double Angle V-Belt

    Double Angle V-Belt

  • Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Belt®

    Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Belt®

  • Metric Power-Wedge® <br />Cog-Belt®

    Metric Power-Wedge®

  • Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt®

    Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt®

  • Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt

    Super Blue Ribbon® V-Belt

  • Super II® V-Belt

    Super II® V-Belt

  • Super Power-Wedge® <br />V-Belt

    Super Power-Wedge®

  • Variable Speed Cog-Belt®

    Variable Speed Cog-Belt®

  • Vee-Rib® Belt

    Vee-Rib® Belt