Durapower® II FHP V-Belt

2L-R, 3L-R, 4L-R, 5L-R

Durapower®II v-belts combine the advantages of EPDM, raw edge technology, and an exclusive CNA construction for superior performance and efficiency. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber that is durable, static conductive and resistant to heat, hardening and glazing. The raw edge sidewalls reduce vibration for extended component life and assure efficient, smooth and long lasting performance. The centralized neutral axis (CNA) refers to the placement of cords in the middle of the belt cross section. This unique construction provides greater flexibility and stability


  • Durable

  • Oil and heat resistant

  • Broad operating temperature range of -50°F to +250°F.

  • Static conductive

  • Resistant to hardening and glazing

  • Reduced maintenance and downtime

  • Energy efficient

  • Improved flexibility

  • Smoother operation with less vibration

  • Improved belt life and performance

  • Backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee


  • Fractional horsepower motors, HVACR, light-duty machinery, blowers and fans


  • 2L-R, 3L-R, 4L-R and 5L-R cross-sections from 11" to 85"



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