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Specialty Belts

Strong and Resilient


Carlisle Dry Can Belts are  specifically designed for demanding textile industry double angle “CC” drives. The deep groove prevents belt rollover and the notches provide added flexibility. Its unique multiple ply fabric cord provides superior strength and durability.


Carlisle round belts are a high performance solution for conveyors, quater-turn, twisted, and serpentine drives.

Thoro-Twist V-Belting is a perfect candidate for v-belt drives that have no take-up adjustment capability or as an emergency replacement. Thoro-Twist can be rolled onto the drive just like a bicycle chain. 



Specialty Belts
  • Dry Can Belt

    Dry Can Belt

  • Round Belt

    Round Belt

  • Thoro-Twist® V-Belting

    Thoro-Twist® V-Belting