Dry Can Belt


The original deep-groove notched design is specifically developed for double angle “CC” drives commonly found in the demanding textile industry. The deep groove prevents belt rollover while the notches provide added flexibility and longer life.


  • Multiple ply fabric cord provides superior strength and durability

  • Strong yet flexible for power transmission from both sides of the belt

  • Resistant to oil and heat

  • Static conductive

  • Backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee


  • Drives with long center, serpentine applications usually found in the textile industry

NOTE: Dry Can belts are normally used as a single belt on a drive and matching is not required. When ordering two or more Dry Can belts to be used as a matched set on the same drive, please specify that the belts must be a matched set.


  • CC cross-section from 212" to 902"



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