Round Belt

7/16 & 9/16

Round belts are a high performance solution for conveyors, quarter-turn, twisted, and serpentine drives. Our round belts feature a no-splice construction for added durability with minimal stretch for minimum take-up requirements.


  • Heavy duty stress-relieved fabric cover flexes better for improved belt life

  • Hi-modulus cords carry horsepower loads with minimum stretch

  • Better belt stability and fewer take-up adjustments

  • Compression section provides uniform cord support and improves belt flex life

  • No splice for added durability.

  • Backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee


  • Conveyors, commercial sewing machines, quarter-turn drives, twisted drives, serpentine drives and more


  • 7/16" and 9/16" diameters from 70" to 762"



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