Super Arc Belt

B section v-belts & 9/16 round belts

Super Arc belts are designed to resist the extreme stress and wear experienced on powered roller conveyor drives. The clutching cover provides just the right amount of slip and grip between the belt and rollers. Multiple layers of small diameter polyester cord allow the belt to flex around the arc of the conveyor. A highly engineered rubber polymer supports the cord, while retaining excellent flex life.


  • Multiple ply polyester cord carries the load with increased flexibility, strength and durability
  • Improved rubber  polymer provides longer belt life
  • Clutching cover is a superior fabric designed to handle misalignment and enhance wear resistance 
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Backed by Iron Clad Guarantee
  • Made in the USA


  • Live/powered roller conveyor drives


  • B cross-section v-belts from 135 to 660 inches
  • 9/16 round belts 155 to 447 inches in length
  • Other made-to-order sizes are also available



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