Carlisle Transportation Products

Sprockets, Sheaves & Bushings

CarlisleĀ® Belts and MartinĀ® Sprockets
- A Winning Combination!


Timken is proud to partner with Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc. to offer full coverage for all your belt driven power transmission needs. Martin sprockets, sheaves and bushings are now available and can be ordered along with Carlisle belts.


Synchronous Belt Sprockets

  • Timing Belt Pulleys (use with Synchro-Cog belts)
  • HTS® Sprockets (use with Synchro-Cog HT and Panther belts)
  • High HP HTS® Sprockets (use with Panther PTH widths)
  • MPC® Sprockets (use with PantherXT belts)


V-Belt Sheaves

  • QD Sheaves 
  • MST® and Taper Bushed Sheaves
  • Variable Pitch Sheaves
  • Fractional Horsepower Sheaves



  • QD Bushings
  • Taper Bushed Bushings
  • MST® Bushings


For optimum performance and increased belt life, choose Carlisle belts by Timken and Martin metal. We’re your one stop for belt drive solutions: Product, Service, Delivery, Quality, and Engineering Support.


To download the Metal section of the Carlisle belts by Timken catalog click HERE.


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Sprockets, Sheaves & Bushings
  • Classical QD Sheaves

    Classical QD Sheaves

  • FHP Sheaves

    FHP Sheaves

  • QD Bushings

    QD Bushings

  • QD Sheaves

    QD Sheaves

  • Synchronous Sprockets

    Synchronous Sprockets

  • Taper Bushed Bushings

    Taper Bushed Bushings

  • Timing Belt Pulleys

    Timing Belt Pulleys