Carlisle Transportation Products

Synchronous Belts

Quiet, Efficient and Maintenance Free Operation


Panther, Panther XT and Synchro-Cog drive systems offer quiet, efficient and maintenance free operation. Carlisle synchronous belts save time, money and energy. 
In high torque, high tension tests, Panther and Panther XT consistently outperformed the leading competitors.

Synchronous Belts
  • ACHE Belt

    ACHE Belt

  • Cotton Drive® Belt

    Cotton Drive® Belt

  • Dual Synchronous Belt

    Dual Synchronous Belt

  • Panther® Belt

    Panther® Belt

  • Panther® XT Belt

    Panther® XT Belt

  • Synchro-Cog® HT Belt

    Synchro-Cog® HT Belt

  • Synchro-Cog® Timing Belt

    Synchro-Cog® Timing Belt