Chipper Drive Wedge-Band®


Chipper Drive Wedge-Band belts are specially designed and constructed to meet the unique demands of the lumber industry. It's made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), a synthetic rubber that is durable, heat resistant, static conductive and resistant to hardening and glazing.


  • Minimizes belt whip and rollover on long center distance drives

  • Oversized polyester cord provides added belt strength and stability

  • EPDM has a broad operating temperature range (-50º to +250ºF)

  • Multiple layers of fabric provide controlled slippage under peak loads
  • Long belt life

  • Durable

  • Oil and heat resistant

  • Static conductive

  • Resists hardening and glazing

  • Tie-band is highly engineered to permanently bond multiple belts together enabling the belts to function as a single unit with even load distribution and wear

  • Vibration is dampened

  • Heavy shock loads are absorbed

  • Backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee


  • Chipper saws, debarker drives, head rigs, and more


  • R5VL cross-section from 81" to 171"



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