Synchronous Belts

Quiet, Efficient and Maintenance Free Operation

Synchronous (timing) belts are toothed belts in which power is transmitted through positive engagement between the belt teeth and a toothed sprocket (pulley). This positive engagement results in exact shaft synchronization while eliminating slippage and speed loss common to v-belts.

Trapezoidal, curvilinear, or modified curvilinear teeth mesh with matching grooves on sprockets to provide positive power transmission on high-torque applications with high and low speeds. A synchronous belt requires no re-tensioning, improves energy efficiency and reduces downtime. 

Compared to chain, synchronous belts are more compact, lighter, quieter, require no lubrication and operate at higher speeds.

Carlisle synchronous drive systems offer quiet, efficient and maintenance free operation.

  • ACHE Belt

    ACHE Belt

  • Cotton Drive® Belt

    Cotton Drive® Belt

  • Dual Synchronous Belt

    Dual Synchronous Belt

  • Panther® Belt

    Panther® Belt

  • Panther®XT Belt

    Panther®XT Belt

  • Synchro-Cog® HT Belt

    Synchro-Cog® HT Belt

  • Synchro-Cog® Timing Belt

    Synchro-Cog® Timing Belt

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