Panther®XT Belt

8M, 14M

A powerful alternative to chain or a drop-in replacement for high torque polyurethane belts, Panther XT belts are engineered to run quietly and efficiently in the harshest environments. Carbon cord construction and abrasion-resistant, low friction tooth fabric provide strength and durability, and help reduce downtime, maintenance, and noise levels. Constructed with a high temperature and oil resistant polymer, Panther XT belts provide high thermal stability and excellent overall chemical resistance. Carbon fiber cord resists stretch and maintains outstanding belt tension stability over the life of the belt.


  • High tensile strength for superior load capacity

  • Increased durability for extended belt life

  • High drive efficiency and energy savings

  • Compact drive layout

  • Low maintenance

  • Lower noise  (compared to chain and polyurethane belts)

  • Environmental benefits (no lubrication required)

  • Operation at speeds higher than most chain drives

  • Abrasion, wear and chemical resistance

  • Improved temperature operating range (better than polyurethane belts)

  • Heat resistant up to 120ºC/248ºF

  • Backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee


  • Roller chain applications, paper converting equipment, printing machinery,  paper mills, textile equipment, HVACR, packaging equipment, conveyors, exercise equipment, industrial machinery, and more


  • Pitch lengths: 640-4480 (8M) and 994-4410 (14M) standard widths

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