Sheave Gauges

Sheave Wear Indicator Templates
Part Number 102495 Imperial Gauges
Part Number 102496 Metric Gauges

Standard and metric gauges to check sheave wear. Sheave condition and alignment are vital to v-belt life and performance. New v-belts should never be installed without a thorough inspection of the sheaves. Particular attention should be given to wobbling sheaves, a shiny groove bottom and worn groove sidewalls.

Use the sheave gauge to accurately check grooves for wear. A flashlight held behind the template, when placed in the groove, will help you observe the amount of wear. Wear should not exceed 1/32" for individual v-belt drives and 1/64" for banded belt drives.

Sheave gauges are based upon the standards for classical belts from the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers ARPM IP-20, wedge belts ARPM IP-22 and metric belts ISO 4183.



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